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          "A holistic way of healing the body"


Immersive Thai Bodywork & Massage

Thai massage uses a combination of stretching, compression, and acupressure techniques to loosen tight muscles, help stimulate blood flow and oxygen for energy, and is commonly used to treat chronic pain. Traditional Thai Medicine encompasses a full holistic approach to healing the the body, mind, and spirit putting attention and focus toward addressing imbalances. 

Immerse yourself in our full-service menu of traditional Thai treatments, and you will understand why it has been a common health practice in Thailand for 2,500 years. 


(737) 241-4100

Deep Tissue Thai Massage


Thai Massage is ideal for chronic pain issues, athletes, scar tissue recovery,

and anyone needing more energy.

Thai massage techniques have proven health benefits for increased energy, restoring healthy blood pressure, increased circulatory and lymphatic functionality.  This style massage improves flexibility by unlocking tight areas of the body using stretch, compression and acupressure to help restore posture imbalances that cause pain. 


 90 minutes - $180.00

120 minutes - $230.00

180 minutes - $390.00

Immersive Bodywork Bundle


A popular choice. This Treatment Bundle starts with

1 hour of Thai Massage, followed with 1 hour Immersive Table Massage in a single 2 hour session. After your session, you will start to see changes to your mind, body, breath and energy levels.

140 minutes $280.00


Immersive Table Massage

Each massage is customized using a variety of advanced techniques to create a massage specific to your body's needs.  Whether you are here to relax, work out tight muscles, or need a combination of both we can help.

 60 minutes - $150.00

 90 minutes - $180.00


Every massage can benefit by adding a Herbal Steam and Thai Herbal Compress to your session. 

(Priced as add-on)

Neck Massage

Thai Herbal Compress

Herbal Compress contains a blend of traditional Thai herbs such as Lemongrass to detoxify, Ginger to reduce inflammation, Camphor to help improve breathing. The compress is heated to release herbal aromas and it's healing properties. Added to massage, it can help reduce muscle pain, chronic body aches, arthritis, migraines, anxiety, and can help upper respiratory conditions from common allergies.

Herbal Compress $30.00

Massage Stones

Immersive Thai Bodywork & Massage

806 West Avenue, Austin, TX

(Note) We are located upstairs, inside Crimson Hair and Skin salon

(737) 241-4100

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